Minggu, 22 September 2019

Advertising on Blockchainmedia

Targeted ads are one of the best and most efficient ways to promote your company. We focus on Indonesian readers, investors, traders, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, technologist, and entrepreneurs.

Total Monthly Page View (June-September 2019)591,090
Monthly Page View> 197,030
Monthly Unique Page View> 259,299
Global Rank#769,629 (In global internet traffic and engagement over the past 90 days-Alexa)
Country Rank (Indonesia)#14,683
Google News IndexYES
Facebook Audiences > 1,000
Twitter Followers> 200
Telegram Channel Audiences> 1,000
Instagram Followers
> 1,000
Linkedln Connections
> 95
OneSignal Push Subscribers> 1000
CountryIndonesia (90.20%)
Age25-34: 47.87%
35-44: 19.27%
18-24: 14.63%
45-54: 9.72%
GenderMale: 85.17%
Female: 14.83%

*All ad rates are not included tax (10%)
*all ad posted in our social media

Press Releases [PRS] | RATE: 750.000 IDR (50 USD)
A press release ad is the easiest way to tell the audience about your success. This type of article is written by you. A press release allows our readers to get the general image of your company, new products, its goals, benefits and latest achievements. Press release appears regularly Press Release section.

Banners [BNR]
Banner (still images, videos or GIF animations) is the most common, easiest and convenient way to make your brand visible. Banners on Blockchainmedia are available in different sizes at the top of the front page, news index, newsfeed and articles pages (appear as inline-ad, inserted in body text of news).

Types of Banners
*Every banners ad will be posted in our social media account.

Front Page Banner [B-F01] | RATE: 500.000 IDR (33.6 USD)
:: Location: At the top of the front page
:: Dimension: 1068 x 200 pixel
:: Format: PNG, SVG, GIF animation or MP4
:: Duration: 15 days

Header Banner [B-H02] |RATE: 750.000 IDR (100 USD)
:: Location: At the top of every pages and post
:: Dimension: 1068 x 200 pixel
:: Format: PNG, SVG, GIF animation or MP4
:: Duration: 15 days

Inline Banner [B-I03] |RATE: 1.000.000 IDR (66.6 USD)
:: Location: Inside body text of news
:: Dimension: 784 x 200 pixel
:: Format: PNG, SVG, GIF animation or MP4
:: Duration: 15 days

Sidebar Banner [B-S04] | RATE: 250.000 IDR (16.6 USD)
:: Location: Beside of every post, below recent news widget (desktop view). And it will appears in every post at the end of page (mobile view).
:: Dimension: 500 x 500 pixel
:: Duration: 15 days

Unlimited Ad [UNA] | RATE: 10.000.000 IDR (666.6 USD)
You can deliver unlimited unit types of ad: Press Releases [PRS], Banners [BNR] for 30 days. This one will do by a contract between your company and us.

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